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Jan 3, 2010 8:30am EST
not a joke. this was a hoax. full of hot air. america fretted, fearful a 6-year-old boy was inside of this balloon as it floated across the colorado sky. he wasn't there and his parents pleaded guilty to charges of making it all up. the year was full of police chases, and this was the money shot, literally, cash cascading from a suspected drug-runners truck. >> i saw it was $100 bills flying from the sky. >> reporter: there were kids in cars. check out the 7-year-old in utah who drove home. he stole his dad's vehicle to skip church. in the end he probably was praying he would be spared his father's wrath. this philadelphia baseball dad caught a foul ball. his 3-year-old daughter quickly threw it back. all he could do is hug her, nothing like a father's love. this proposal of love made misty a little misty as dennis popped the question from an indiana field. and before the i-dos this minnesota groom and bride boogied down the aisle. the prime minister was blood deed after a protestor smashed a statuette into his face. remember the iraqi that threw a shoe into president bush. and the
Jan 10, 2010 8:30am EST
. broadband is working for america. >>> this week an ashburn virginia man is behind bars accused of stabbing two women with a sword. the suspect, richard muse. investigators were called to the area where they say muse assaulted his fiance along with a relative. both women were treated and released from the hospital. >>> fairfax county parents fought back against severe budget cuts proposed for the schools. the parents warned if the cuts go through, more than just the children will feel the pain. >> reporter: a group of virginia state lawmakers listened for hours as speakers fought to save funding for people with disabilities, public safety, arts and schools. >> they are playing russian roulette. >> reporter: a shortfall for fairfax county schools is forcing the superintendent to slash programs and services and increase class sizes. >> it's too many. >> reporter: elia attends churchill elementary where there are 34 students in his class. >> i don't know where they could physically put another desk in my child's classroom. >> reporter: she said the front desks are 12 inches away from the black
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2